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  The company Kenno Tech Oy produces, develops and markets protective barriers and containers for the armed forces as well as in civilian spheres. The sales network covers more than 15 countries.

Balpro Protective Barrier

The purpose of Balpro Protector:
  • A barricade system that is wasy to transport and set up.
  • It will sound an alarm for all the chemical substances for which it is programmed,
  • Quickly acquire information of the existing toxic chemicals in the air.
The advantages of Balpro Protector
  • Fortification in hours instead of days.
  • Easy to assamble and dismantle; no special tools required.
  • Genuinely multi-use, robust steel system => low life time cost.
  • Protection capability may be increased by filling with sand or gravel.
  • Multiple applications; ideal for airfields without sand filling.
  • Travels with the troops like a 20 ft container.
  • One system set provides 42 meters of camp wall.

Protection capability according to Stanag 2280:

Stanag 2280 Class

Empty elements

Elements filled with sand/gravel


A Small / medium caliber projectiles:

A3 (7,62mm x 54R API B32)

A4 (12,7 mm x 108 API 32B)

B Shoulder launched weapons / Rifle grenades:


B2 (40 mm Rifle grenade shaped charge)

C Battlefield rockets, Artillery and Mortars:

C4 (120 mm mortar)

C5 (155 mm artillery, 122 mm rocket)

D Small / Personnel borne IED’s

D5 (Bag/Suitcase 20 kg TNT)



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Competitive advantages

  • Adaptable
  • Fast
  • Environmentally friendly

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