• Aviation
    Aviation The company Dr.Nemo d.o.o., Ljubljana is a general representative for the sale of aeroplanes and marketing of the brand Diamond AIRCRAFT in Slovenia.
  • Chemical Analytics
    Chemical Analytics In our sales program, we offer top of the range equipment for microwave acid digestion, microwave supported organic and inorganic syntheses and extractions, microwave combustion processes and many more.
  • Defence and Environmental Protection
    Defence and Environmental Protection In the field of CBRM we are the exclusive representative of the companies Environics, MavaTech, Temet and Inficon.
  • Manufacture and marketing
    Manufacture and marketing We connect independent entrepreneurs at different locations inside and outside Slovenia, and we mediate the orders, finance the manufacture, take care of the quality, logistics and contacts with buyers.
  • Pathology
    Pathology The top of the line semi-automatic and automatic microwave histoprocessors for every laboratory with the possibility of a diagnosis in one day and a healthy work environment! And also without xylene!


  • In the field of production, the successful organisation of the production of highly tolerant metal parts for the German company Siemens, which is also proven by the acknowledgement “the provider of the year 2005,”
  • For managing and organisation of production we received the certificate of quality ISO9001,
  • In the field of Chemistry we cooperate with all recognised institutions and companies,
  • In the field of the development of devices for chemical analytics we cooperate with globally recognised companies,
  • In the field of pathology we cooperate with numerous laboratories in Slovenia and the countries of the former Yugoslavia,
  • With the Finnish company Environics Oy which produces detectors of casualty agents, we cooperated with the upgrade of the manual chemical detector ChemPro 100i, for which they have fitted the basic version ChemPro 100 with a lot of new sensors. The later detector is in use by NATO forces and the Slovene Army,
  • In the field of aviation our aeroplanes are used by the Adria Airways and Solinair flight schools.

Competitive advantages

  • Adaptable
  • Fast
  • Environmentally friendly

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