Manufacture and marketing

The manufacturing activities of the company Dr. Nemo are organised based on a network system. We connect independent entrepreneurs at different locations inside and outside Slovenia, and we mediate the orders, finance the manufacture, take care of the quality, logistics and contacts with buyers.

The manufacture of metal products is based on a high quality, which is confirmed by the silver award for the recognition of the provider of the year 2005 which was bestowed upon us by the company SIEMENS from Konstanz. We started manufacturing for the German market in the year 1996 and since then we have enlarged production several times.

Our main activity is directed at leading (organising) the manufacture of machine components:

  • For sorting letters,
  • For the automation of airports,
  • For the automation of warehouses,
  • Other.

Lathed metal parts

Lathed metal parts   The lathed metal parts for the components of post sorting machines, the automation of airports, warehouses and transport devices etc.

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