Chemical detector M90-DC-1

The Chemical detector M90 is the key element for the discovery of attacks with different chemical weapons.

The characteristics of the M90:
  • Early warning for all kinds of chemical attacks,
  • Fast detection,
  • Uninterrupted operation in real time.
The advantages of M90:
  • Detection and control in high moisture and temperature as well as all other environments,
  • Simple maintenance and storage,
  • Low maintenance costs,
  • The device has been tested in natural circumstances with real toxic gasses.
Integrated system for regional and local networks:
  • Local networks for places of high security – command centres,
  • Local networks for military bases, airports and the easing of disarmament,
  • State networks: systems for discovering attacks with chemical weapons using the software ESS.
Naval use:
  • Can be installed in different types of craft,
  • Surveillance of internal and external air,
  • Periodical or constant use,
  • Constant or periodic reports of the local network to the base.

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detector M90. (.pdf, 60kb, English language)

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